This page is a breakdown of my professional experience in stage production and lighting design, 3D rendering, video production, and drafting.  In 2000 I started working in stage production while getting a music industry degree at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.  After finishing college I moved to Denver Colorado and continued touring while learning lighting programming and working in different positions in stage production such as: backline tech, stage manager, and production manager.  In 2009, I switched to the GrandMA series of lighting consoles and with its ability to program lights in 3D I dedicated myself solely to lighting design and programming for a few years.  My first two tours on the GrandMA1 were Dr. Dog, and Passion Pit.  Both were designed by Marc Janowitz and I operated the shows having programmed their song catalog in 3D before the tour.  My first tour on the GrandMA2 was as programmer and video content manager for Bassnectar with operator/designer Michael Austin Smalley.  In 2012 I became the lighting and video designer for Bassnectar and operated and programmed both video and lighting up to our new years show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville TN.  After that I relinquished control of the video to our new touch designer based computer system dubbed the UNS that syncs all of the video directly to the DJs ableton session regardless of tempo.  This allowed me to focus more on lighting so we used the UNS to output MIDI notes to the lighting console when sounds or songs were triggered by the DJ allowing me to sync the lighting show and use time codes on songs that were played back with predefined tempos. Starting in April of 2014 I began as lighting designer for The String Cheese Incident and in 2015 I also took over the video production using the GrandMA2 Video Processing Unit.  In 2016 we added a camera system to the show and started producing the internet live stream of the shows which led to 2018 and the creation of my company, C2 Design and Drafting.   In 2019 we moved over to the Avolites Ai Video Server and integrated an 8 camera system into the show.  By the end of my time with SCI I had 130+ songs programmed that included lighting, video, laser, and camera data all in one organized cue stack. In 2020 I took a position with a vendor as a Production Designer and then moved into a sales role until the pandemic.

Stage Production Resume