Emancipator – Red Rocks 2017


This night was perhaps one of the best concert experiences I have ever been apart of.  This was a big show for the artist, the crowd was energized, and lucky for me the wind was very light for Red Rocks.  I love this design and would build on it with later designs but the simplicity of it really was its greatest strength.  Seth Watrous took some great shots of this show and I believe was the first night I met him.  I had cue stacked the show a bit but there was still a lot of improv in each song.  BNP did an incredible job getting this rig up fast and symmetrical so I go pretty good positions out of it for a daytime focus.


18 x Martin Mac III Profile

18 x Martin Axiom Hybrid

40 x Megalite Bright Stripe

24 x Elation ACL 360 Bar

14 x Martin Atomic 3k Strobe

11 x Martin Quantum Wash

13 x 4 Lite Blinder

5 x Hazer

3 x Fogger

2 x Ma2 Fullsize


L1 = Andy Cass

L2 = Cassady Miller Halloran

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