SCI – Mission Ballroom 2019


These shows were my first time bringing a rig into the Mission Ballroom and since they had a video wall and fairly good light rig in there already I ended up matching the fixtures I was bringing in to the house rig and adding my camera package.  There wasn’t enough downstage light so I added the usual 8 x Martin Quantum Wash with top hats to the DS truss.


30 x Martin Viper Profile

18 x Martin Axiom Hybrid

16 x Martin Quantum Wash

16 x Martin Mac Aura

8 x 4 Lite

22 x Atomic 3k Strobe


L1 = Andy Cass

L2 = Chris Ruppel

Camera Operator and Tech = Paul Thomas

Lighting Tech = Matt Beadenkopf

House LD = Alex McArthur

Photo & Video

Photo = Sam Silkworth

Photo = Jesse Borrell

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