SCI & Motet – Planet Bluegrass 2018


Although not a technically complex show I think the design and plotting for this show is great.  BNP pulled off a tough day of moving gear around the field to make the towers work. I was hired by both SCI and Motet for this one and by the promoter to do the design and bidding work.


18 x Mac III Profile

8 x Elation ACL 360

12 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

8 x Clay Paky Beye K20

10 x Clay Paky Sharpy Wash

8 x Elation DTW Blinder

18 x Elation Six Par

4 x Hazer

2 x Fogger


L1 = Andy Cass

L2 = Chris Ruppel

Head Lighting Tech = Tiberius Benson

Lighting Tech =

Photo & Video

Photos by Doug Fondriest and Dylan Langille

Double Click for Fullscreen Plots