SCI – Red Rocks 2018


This was the rig that we had been touring with for the summer with the two additional circle trusses.  I had really enjoyed not having any video all summer and being able to focus on the lighting during the jamming but these shows reinforced for me some of benefits to having video in the rig.  Red Rocks is an incredible venue and from an LDs perspective a challenging one for sure.  Because of the angle of the audience and restrictions on weight and trim height I see a lot of productions go in there that would look amazing in an arena and it just doesn’t come thru at Red Rocks.  The thing about having a lighting only show is that if its windy your entire show kinda goes out the preverbal window which was the case for most of this weekend.  There were moments of “it” that these photos capture and the band played great but I left the weekend with a major lesson under my belt and humbled.


32 x Martin Viper Profile

28 x Martin Axiom Hybrid

15 x Clay Paky Beye K20

20 x GLP Impression X4Bar

20 x ACL 360 Bar

20 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

10 x 4 Lite Blinder


Video Produced by C2 Design and Drafting

Lighting Design and Operating = Andy Cass

L2 = Luke Stratton

Director = Cassady Miller-Halloran

PTZ Camera Operator = Paul Thomas

Photo & Video

Photo = Seth Watrous

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