SCI – Winter Carnival Tour 2015


This design was inspired by the Colorado mountains and I learned a lot about design planning on this tour.  At this point in my career I would draw something and send it off the to the vendor to figure it out.  The vendor did a great job making this design work however upon further investigation there was a small number of shows we could fit the entire show into so the challenge of this tour was always, “How much of the rig can we bring in?”  I swopped fixtures a few times and ran into technical issues but when this rig made it into the room it worked and lots of fans really enjoyed it.  The backdrop was a metal fabric which was very noticeable for audience members who were close enough to see it.  This was my first use of the MagicBlade by Ayrton.


12 x Ellipsoidal

36 x Ayrton MagicBlade-R

16 x Ayrton MagicPanel 602

29 x Chauvet COLORband PIX

6 x Clay Paky Beye K20

18 x Clay Paky Sharpy

8 x 4 Lite

48 x PAR 64

17 x Martin Atomic 3k Strobe

18 x Martin Mac III Profile

4 x Haze


Lighting Tech = Matt Helmick

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