Sharon Paquette – 3D Render Video 2020


This was a project I did for my friend Chris Lose for his wife Sharon.  She’s a performer and he had different LDs make videos of her songs so this was my interpretation of her song “Go Gotta Go”.  I really wanted to make the environment fit the music so I spent a lot of time building custom DMX controlled fixtures and chandeliers.  I knew the music wasn’t gonna be very dynamic so I needed to build good looks for each part and then layer lighting parts on top of that.   She had made a video for the song so I built projectors that would show the synced video on the sides of the club and I would turn them on and off based on where I wanted to visual focus to be.


Lighting Software = GrandMA2

Rendering Software = Capture 2020

Video Software = Resolume

Audio Software = Ableton

Post Production Video Software = Final Cut Pro