Shpongle Live Red Rocks 2019


One of the “biggest” shows I have ever been a part of but not in the sense of venue size but mostly in the sense of built up anticipation.   Billed as “The last Shpongle Live show ever” there were many people involved in the planning as much as a year and half in advance.  We went thru many designs before we landed on the final one.  The first night was rocky for many aspects of the production but night two was the magic we all worked so hard for.


2 x GrandMA2 Fullsize

1 x GrandMA2 Faderwing

1 x Leprecon LP624

2 x Ai Video Servers

2 x Martin P3 System Controller

144 x Absen X5 LED Panel

16 x Robe Robin BMFL

18 x Martin Axiom Hybrid

20 x GLP Impression X4

12 x Ayrton CosmoPix

48 x LED PAR

28 x VDO Sceptron 1000

42 x VDO Sceptron 320

13 x Altman 18″ Scoop

16 x SL Nitro 510c

6 x Wildfire UV 400

7 x Hazer

8 x Fogger


Lighting Designer : Andy Cass

VJ : Johnathan Singer

VJ: Android Jones

L2 : Tiberius Benson

PTZ Camera Operator : Paul Thomas

Account Executive : Justin Beneke

Project Manager :  Todd Stokes

General Manager : Johnny Goode

Lighting Technician : Tory Stubby

Lighting Technician : Shawn Berry

Lighting Technician : Alec Szuch

Video Technician : Jake Reilly

Video Technician : Sean Rogan

Photo & Video

Photo = Sam Silkworth

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