The Disco Biscuits – City Bisco 2017


These shows were at Irving Plaza and Coney Island and we brought out some lights and lasers and used the house rigs in each venue.  If I remember correctly the house rig at Coney was all old crap and I didn’t use it much.  The other thing I remember about Coney is that front of house was sunken down below the level of the seats and since everyone was standing I could barely see the band.


We brought with us

12 x Lightwave Phenom

12 x Martin Mac III

6 x Elation Protron Strobes

09/20/2017 Irving Plaza NYC

09/21/2017 Irving Plaza NYC

09/22/2017 Coney Island Champions > Shimmy

09/22/2017 Coney Island

09/23/2017 Coney Island