Throughout my 20 year career in the music industry I have relied on leading edge technology to create an advantage and now I want to use that knowledge and apply it to other sectors.  My focus is on animation and 3D rendering but I have background in many technical fields described in detail below.  Since the pandemic put the music industry at a standstill I put additional focus on building new skills that were more useful in mainstream industries.  This began with some projects in 3ds Max shown in my portfolio page and I started to learn some basic coding so I had a better foundational background.  I also found during this time I really enjoy working with VR and am working on a portfolio project.

The goal of this site is to show potential clients or employers my array of skills so I can find my place in the technical world.  I work both as a freelancer and am actively looking for fulltime employment so if your reading this the chance is I sent you here.  If so let me tell you a bit about myself personally.  I am in a persistent process of always learning more about the world and how it works.  I am an avid podcast listener and reader on topics such as: neuroscience, mindfulness, technology, religion,  or politics’ and enjoy respectful engagement on any topic.  In my everyday I focus on the efficiency of every task and keep my personal and digital life well organized.  I enjoy writing and articulating my thoughts with words so text and email are the best ways for me to connect and I have a nice home office with state of the art video and audio for virtual work.  I have traveled all over the world but I love my home of Denver Colorado and I’m ready for a new challenge.


Software Proficiency