Summer  Stage  Designs


Hi my name is Andy Cass.  I’m a lighting and stage designer out of Denver Colorado and my background is explained in detail on the public side of this site at where you can see my entire portfolio of work.

I’ve been talking with management for a few years now about putting together a design for Slightly Stoopid and we have chatted at length about what we like and don’t about different aspects of the shows so these designs are a combination of those conversations and my experience along with some input from the production side of the camp.  My goal is to make the final vision for the show cohesive and professional looking and to give each design its own points of focus.  I use this website to explain the process as well as allow users to learn about the differences and give feedback.  Once we have given time for everyone to contribute I will do a final design and continue the process.

What do you do next?

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Details to consider for all designs…..